New releases in September 2015

Upcoming releases this month.

First up, will be the Halloween series. This year it is pumpkin theme, don’t they look cute? 🙂

San-X Rilakkuma Halloween 2015

San-X Rilakkuma Halloween Special Set 2015

This is the Halloween Special set for 2015. Did you spot the ghost hiding behind the castle? 🙂

Next, are the Store Anniversary series. It will be for Sapporo and Umeda. The anniversary theme is “Rilakkuma Around the World”, Sapporo series is North Pole, while Umeda series is Italy.

Look at Kiiroitori in his Igloo for Sapporo series, so cute! ❤ ❤

San-X Rilakkuma Store Sapporo 4th Anniversary San-X Rilakkuma Store Umeda 7th Anniversary

Is everyone excited? We can’t wait for them to be released! 😀