Rilakkuma Christmas Special 2015

San-X has released images on the Christmas House Special Set. Here are the details.

San-X Rilakkuma Christmas House Special 2015_a San-X Rilakkuma Christmas House Special 2015_b San-X Rilakkuma Christmas House Special 2015_c San-X Rilakkuma Christmas House Special 2015_d San-X Rilakkuma Christmas House Special 2015_e

Look at them, they are looking so happy. ❤
The chicken and cake look so yummy!

San-X Rilakkuma Christmas House Special 2015_f San-X Rilakkuma Christmas House Special 2015_g

The Rilakkuma shaped carpet looks so soft! The details on the house interior is amazing, love that Rilakkuma shaped fireplace. 😀

San-X Rilakkuma Christmas House Special 2015_h San-X Rilakkuma Christmas House Special 2015_i

Are you all excited that Christmas is approaching? This set is worth getting and celebrate Christmas with Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma and Kiiroitori! ❤


New releases in September 2015

Upcoming releases this month.

First up, will be the Halloween series. This year it is pumpkin theme, don’t they look cute? 🙂

San-X Rilakkuma Halloween 2015

San-X Rilakkuma Halloween Special Set 2015

This is the Halloween Special set for 2015. Did you spot the ghost hiding behind the castle? 🙂

Next, are the Store Anniversary series. It will be for Sapporo and Umeda. The anniversary theme is “Rilakkuma Around the World”, Sapporo series is North Pole, while Umeda series is Italy.

Look at Kiiroitori in his Igloo for Sapporo series, so cute! ❤ ❤

San-X Rilakkuma Store Sapporo 4th Anniversary San-X Rilakkuma Store Umeda 7th Anniversary

Is everyone excited? We can’t wait for them to be released! 😀

New releases in November 2014

Lots of items are releasing on 1 Nov 2014.

First up, Rilakkuma Nabe Set

san-x rilakkuma nabe set
san-x rilakkuma nabe set detail

Don’t they look cute? 😀

Rilakkuma and friends are dressed up as ingredients in a nabe set.

Rilakkuma as Negi (leek)
Korilakkuma as Ika (squid)
Kiiroitori as shitake (mushroom)

There are other common ingredients that can be found in a nabe set; prawn, mushrooms, tofu, carrots, shirataki noodles, and cabbage. Noticed that there is a Rilakkuma head shaped carrot and cabbage. It look so cute!

Next, we have another limited edition cat series! This is super cute!

san-x rilakkuma loft cat taiyaki
san-x rilakkuma loft cat korilakkuma

This is a collaboration with Loft. Nonbiri neko series. のんびりネコシリーズ!

Rilakkuma is with a big taiyaki. Cats love fish, and he looks irresistibly cute in this series. ❤ ❤ ❤

Korilakkuma is having a nap on a fluffy pink cushion. The color combination for this is pretty.

Lastly, we have the Christmas series!

san-x rilakkuma christmas 2014

I personally love this year’s Christmas series. Their costume looks very pretty and detailed. They all have a cape and hat, holding onto different items representing Christmas. Rilakkuma shaped wreath, present and snowman. All these details are things that adds up to make it look so cute! ❤

san-x rilakkuma christmas special 2014

Last but not least, there is the Christmas Special plush!

Shaped as a tree, Rilakkuma and friends all in! Kiiroitori dressed as a star! So cute of him! 🙂

Are you excited? I know I am! Can’t wait for them to be released! 😀

Rilakkuma Cat Series Limited Edition

The Cat series is going to be released next month. This time, Rilakkuma Store has come out with their limited edition for it too! It will also be released next month.

sanx rilakkuma cat nonbiri neko

The cat makes debut! This cat is a playful one. You can pull the cat away from Rilakkuma and Kiiroitori, and it will move towards them when you let go.

The details of this series is great. Saw the paw prints on Rilakkuma’s stomach? 🙂 Kiiroitori is afraid of the cat though. It seems that the cat with Korilakkuma is not movable. Korilakkuma plays with the cat with a play stick.

Can’t wait for this cute series to be released! ❤

Rilakkuma Halloween 2014

Halloween is approaching!

san-x rilakkuma halloween 2014

Rilakkuma Halloween 2014

This year, Rilakkuma and friends are dressed up for a masquerade themed Halloween party! All of them are so well dressed for the party, they have their own masks too! Don’t you love the details on them? ❤

san-x rilakkuma halloween special set 2014
Rilakkuma Halloween Special Set 2014

There’s the special set for this year as well. Looks like they are having an enjoyable time at the Halloween party. Noticed the window? There’s a cute Rilakkuma ghost looking in at them from the outside. He should join in the fun too!

These series will be released in Japan next month. Can’t wait to get our hands on them!

Rilakkuma Bridal Series

Did we hear some wedding bells?

Something cute is coming! Rilakkuma Bridal series! This is a totally awesome series!! 😀

Both Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma get to dress up as the bride and groom in each pair.

Rilakkuma Bridal series - Rilakkuma Groom

Rilakkuma Bridal series - Korilakkuma Groom

They are dressed up for a western style wedding. I wonder if San-X will come up something for a Japanese style wedding? 🙂

If only Kiiroitori is in this series too. He could be a flower boy/girl! hahaha! 😀

This will be a nice wedding gift for friends/relatives who are getting married!

Rilakkuma Christmas 2014

Christmas spirit comes early for San-X!

San-X Net Shop has released their limited edition series. Last year was 10th anniversary wonderland concert themed.


This year, they came up with hanging calendar and christmas tree.

rilakkuma net shop christmas editionrilakkuma net shop christmas edition1rilakkuma net shop christmas edition2

It comes with 24 mini plushes, for you to place into the calendar pockets or hang onto the christmas tree. Lots of varieties; candy canes, socks, presents, Rilakkuma and friends, etc.

You can place them on the calendar first, and transfer them onto the christmas tree as you count down till christmas arrives! Interesting idea isn’t it? It makes christmas fun and enjoyable to be able to celebrate with Rilakkuma and friends.

rilakkuma net shop christmas edition3rilakkuma net shop christmas edition4rilakkuma net shop christmas edition5rilakkuma net shop christmas edition6rilakkuma net shop christmas edition7

If you have your own christmas tree, you can hang those mini plushes on them as well! It can also be an accessory for your bag!

This is way too cute! So looking forward to christmas this year! 😀